Nintendos Ugly Duckling (DS Mark I)

Nintendo's Ugly Duckling

I came across this the other day when routing around in the loft.  It’s my much unloved Mark I version of the Nintendo DS.  Thinking back I remember it always looking terrible but I forgot just how uncomfortable it was to hold and use for any length of time! Given this came as the sucessor to the rather sleek Game Boy Advance SP I’m amazed they sold any units at all.  It’s bulky, feels very cheap and the quality of the screens is shocking (overbright and washed out from pretty much any angle).  The included stylus is even thinner than the later models and it’s all just so… Uncomfortable to hold.  We all know this went on to bigger and better things and those things conqured the handheld world!  I feel like taking this one apart.

It’s also interesting that in the latter designs pretty much everything this version did wrong was engineered out by the time they released the DSi.  The exception being Nintendos inability to porovide a good volume control.  This has exactly the same issue as all DS units ive used.  it’s super quiet but moving the slider a fraction acts like a hair trigger and tripples the volume!


About Alec Dunn (LegoYoda)

Alec is an IT Architect focused around large private / hybrid cloud design and automation. He's also a big fan of the 'arcade' culture and games of yesteryear and loves taking things apart to see how they all work.
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