Sega Vs Blast City Cab

This beauty arrived yesterday.  It’s a Sega Vs Blast City arcade cab origionally from around 1996 and Sega’s “Model 3” era.  This one is in pretty good shape cosmetically with the main unit having been resprayed at some point in it’s life.  There’s probably a good deal of work to do on the unit to get it up to collector standard but, for the moment,I’ll be happy if it turns on and the wiring is all OK.

Apparently it’s Wired for JAMMA and the monitor has no burn in but does have convergence issues in the corners.  Once the, rather larger than expected, beast is in the hose and up to room temperature I can power it on and see what needs doing to what.

Vs Blast city Cab

Waiting for install.


About Alec Dunn (LegoYoda)

Alec is an IT guy focused around cloud automation and DevOps. Currently working for ControlCircle he is a firm believer that virtualisation + automation is the best thing to happen to IT since sliced bread! he is also an avid collector of old arcade hardware.
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