Control Panel: Needs a good clean

So, after a bit of a garguntuan effort to get the Blast City cab in to the house (had to be dismantled to fit through the doors) It’s in place and ready for the off.  Generally the main part of the cab in good cosmetic condition having been resprayed sometim in its life.  The control panel however is not in such great shape.

From the outside things dont look too bad.  Both sticks are in good working order and, although there’s only 4 buttons populated, there’s blanking plates forthe additional two needed for figthing games without any modifications.  It is however VERY dirty andthere looks to be a good deal of rust / dirt / something over on player 2’s side. If i’m being perdantic the colour of the player 2 buttons is “wrong” as well (standard is green / pink).  Either way, I dont like the red so that’s going to have to go.


Main Control Panel in 2L8B form

Opening the panel up is a mixed bag.  On the very positive side the wiring is intact and used the proper Sega AMP connectors in to the main assembly (as opposed to direct wired hack job to the JAMMA harness).  Also, the wiring for the final two buttons exists and doesnt seem to be broken which will make adding the last 2 buttons easy.  On the down side there’s clearly been liquid ingress on player 2’s side it’s filthy, sticky and there’s quite a lot of rust around some of P2 buttons and the bolts holding the panel in place.  Hopefully nothing that cant be cleaned up.  The two joysticks are in great shape but P1 Button 4 is dead and Buttons 1 and 2 on player one’s side are on the way out (B1 is particually iffy).

CP Open

Blast City Control Panel open. Shows the wires for Ground, P1, P2 and Option

A close up of the nasty side of the control panel… Euuugh…. that’s not dust… it’s way stickier….


Close up of area with liquid damage

Close up of the P2 button and panel area.  looks like a good clean is in order.  I dont like the look of the rusty bolt on the bottom right though. It’s going to be a pain I can tell…


Rusty and not fully populated

So the plan for stage 1 is to clean up as much of the control panel as possible giving the plastic around the outer edge a good clean and buff up to see if I can get it close to the same colour as the main cab.  The buttons and stick top for P2 have to go and will be replaced by the pink buttons removing the blanking plates and going for the full 6 button layout.  Player 1 will have buttons 1,2 and 4 replaced and buttons 5 and 6 added.  ThenI want to get that control panel out and get rid of as much of the rust as possible and give it a good clean up in the process.  I also need to get the iunside cleaned and check the wiring for B5 and 6 actually works.

Eeeeeew, gross....

Eeeeeew, gross….


About Alec Dunn (LegoYoda)

Alec is an IT Architect focused around large private / hybrid cloud design and automation. He's also a big fan of the 'arcade' culture and games of yesteryear and loves taking things apart to see how they all work.
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