Happy Coin Mech Accident (1HKD == 2p Coin!)

I stumbled upon a happy coincidence today.  As I have previously mentioned the coin mech in the Blast City is a mechanical type coin checker and is currently set to accept $1 (HK) coins.  It turns out that with a little tweaking of the acceptor mechanism (making the entry area a fraction wider than it was) this type of coin mech can accept UK 2p coins.

Ok, this isn’t earth shattering but it does mean I can have the authentic “coin in, credit out” experiance without having to change over the coin mech.  The UK 2p coin is the same thickness, almost the same weight (to the point it doesnt matter) and has, maybe, 1/2 mm  extra diameter.

The only downside seems to be that some of the older 2pcoins are slightly thicker and can get rejected but, out of a full bag of 2p coins I only had 7 that refused to go through.

Time to flick that FreePlay switch back to the “off” position!


About Alec Dunn (LegoYoda)

Alec is an IT guy focused around cloud automation and DevOps. Currently working for ControlCircle he is a firm believer that virtualisation + automation is the best thing to happen to IT since sliced bread! he is also an avid collector of old arcade hardware.
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