Marquee Light Now Working (Confirmed “390-5638-1E” == FG-1E)

The starter ballast arrived today in the form of the FG-1E florescent tube Glow Lamp that I hope is a direct replacement for the Sega part “390-5638-1E” mentioned in the back of the Blast City manual.

As you can see below, once I took out the old starter, it had clearly blown at some point (the clear glass was black around some sides) so I am pretty confident of the new starter fixing my issue. The pics are blurry but I only had my phone to hand and it really didn’t like focusing correctly on these.

Side by side of the ballast

Side by side of the ballast

Fitting was simple. Turn off the cab and follow these steps.
1. Take out the two screws on top of the plastic Marquee surround (easily visible from the top of the cab).
2. Unscrew the old starter and hurl in to the bin! (check it really is blown).
3. Screw in the new starter in.
4. Give the insides of the Marquee and the plastics a bit of clean while you’re there (might as well).
5. Replace the plastics and screw to secure.
6. Power on the cab!

With everything reassembled I turned on the cab and it flickered in to life straight away.  This means I can confirm that the Sega part number “390-5638-1E (Glow Lamp)” is also known as an “FG-1E Starter Bulb”. At least in the UK.
For anyone in the UK with the need for one of these starters you can grab them from National Lamps And Components for about £2.50 + postage (which was more than the starter).  Oddly hard to find in the UK (seems easy in the USA).

So there we have it.  We had:

Non working view of the marquee

Non working view of the marquee

And we finished with:

IMG_3161-1600The Digital display on the right is still working.  I seem to have taken the picture when it’s either blank or (more likely) that the camera cant pick it up because the FL tube is so damn bright! So, next on the list is a marquee for the space so I can dim out the brightness and have some nice art displayed.

Also, for those interested here’s a close up of the circuitry around that area which, I believe is mostly custom for the Vs Blast City cabs.  I believe we have power on the left and the control board on the right under the new starter).

blury PCB porn

blury PCB porn


About Alec Dunn (LegoYoda)

Alec is an IT Architect focused around large private / hybrid cloud design and automation. He's also a big fan of the 'arcade' culture and games of yesteryear and loves taking things apart to see how they all work.
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