Yin and Yang

Well I manage to strike it lucky on eBay and get a “probably working” Sega Titan ST-V system with two games (Die Hard Arcade and Winter Heat) for a great price.  Awesome!  On the flip side  I now, for some reason, have an MVS board that no loner boots with the dreaded “Calendar Error” problem.



I’ve had this before and it’s usually the battery or the timing crystal (apparently the crystal is a common fault I’ve generally fixed it by replacing the battery up until now). So I did this and nothing changed (Annoying).  I had a spare crystal so I replaced that as well, still no change.  So a look around the inter-web seems to suggest there’s going to be a cut trace or something else bad in the backup memory area of the board.

Backup Area JPG

Backup Area

Nothing looks bad on the top or bottom of the board so I guess I’ll have to resort to checking the traces via a multimeter.  I don;t have one though so Amazon here I  come.  Kinda convenient the ST-V got here in time. At least I have something to play while I wait for delivery.


About Alec Dunn (LegoYoda)

Alec is an IT Architect focused around large private / hybrid cloud design and automation. He's also a big fan of the 'arcade' culture and games of yesteryear and loves taking things apart to see how they all work.
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