Inside A NAOMI 2 Cart

I picked up a NAOMI 2 system just before Christmas and only really had time to turn it on once to make sure it actually worked.  Happily it worked but was EXTREMELY loud. THis means I got to take it apart to see what made it tick and give it a clean.  However, time pressures meant I haven’t had a chance yet.  Instead I had a Virtua Striker 3 cart sitting on the shelf that kept asking the question “What do I look like under the plastic”. Everyone who has a NAOMI cart knows well enough top and the bottom (pics below).  But what do they look like underneath.

NAomi 2 Cart (Front and Back)

NAOMI 2 Cart

It took a small Philips screwdriver and 30 seconds to find out:


Inside a NAOMI2 cart. Top of the PCB.

I’m actually impressed. It’s a really neat little layout and far sparser (in terms of ROMs) than I thought it would be. I guess that’s me being used to SNK games at 700+ Megs which are packed full to the plastics with ROMs. But, we are talking about a system that’s 10 years newer than the Neo Geo.

Now to take apart the NAOMI 2 and give it a clean so it, hopefully, isn’t cap[able of waking the neighbors the next time I turn it on.


About Alec Dunn (LegoYoda)

Alec is an IT guy focused around cloud automation and DevOps. Currently working for ControlCircle he is a firm believer that virtualisation + automation is the best thing to happen to IT since sliced bread! he is also an avid collector of old arcade hardware.
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