Monitor Update 1 – It MIGHT Not Be All That Bad…

There are some great people over on the Arcade Otaku forums. Had a chat with a knowledgeable chap who gave me some pointers as to the three most common issues I can check myself that could cause the monitor to have dimmed.  So I need to:

  1. Check the neck board for cracked solder joints and fix if any found (doable)
  2. Check / replace  a 10uF electrolytic capacitor on the neck board (about a quid from RS and large so doable by me).
  3. Check the DIP switch connections on the remote board (15-pin / VGA selector)

Personally my money is on number 3 (or 2 I guess) as everything “suddenly” dimmed after a play with my 31Khz Naomi and now the 15Khz regular stuff (and the Naomi) aren’t quite right. hope it’s a selector issue.

Of course it could be the end of the monitors life (tube wise) but, in my head, I’d have expected it to gradually get worse and  surely not a sudden and significant drop?  BUT, I’m no expert so we’ll just wait and see.

Regardless, all of these involve taking the Blast City apart and that’s something I don’t really have the time for at the moment.  Annoying…  Still, I want this working so I might book a day off and take everything apart to check for damage, clean everything else and take some pictures. It’ll be a great learning exercise for sure!


About Alec Dunn (LegoYoda)

Alec is an IT guy focused around cloud automation and DevOps. Currently working for ControlCircle he is a firm believer that virtualisation + automation is the best thing to happen to IT since sliced bread! he is also an avid collector of old arcade hardware.
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