Novus is Amazing (Removing Plastic Bezel Scratches)

When I got the Blast City cab there was an annoyingly large scrape mark on the top left of the monitor bezel.  Annoying but not exactly detrimental to the performance of the cab, so I lived with it.

However, it has always bugged me and  I do want to restore the cab to full glory as much as possible.  I just didn’t know how to fix THIS issue.  I was reading a Pinball forum one day and people were talking about a product called Novus.  A three stage  “Plastic restorer” product that is, supposedly, awesome.  I figured I’d give it a go as no one reported major issues using it.  The results (shown below) are amazing. I could even get the final marks out with a bit more time but this is the result of a little work (and a lot of elbow grease).


Before Application and after

This is after a short 30 minute application of the products in the order they specify:

3: Abrasive heavy scratch remover.
2: Medium light scratch remover.
1: Polisher and shine solution.

As you can see, there are still a few scratches that show up under camera flash but it’s way, way better than before and  this was my first time using it.  Brilliant product. recommended to anyone with plastic issues!


About Alec Dunn (LegoYoda)

Alec is an IT Architect focused around large private / hybrid cloud design and automation. He's also a big fan of the 'arcade' culture and games of yesteryear and loves taking things apart to see how they all work.
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