What’s This All About Then?

This blog is about me trying to collect old gaming hardware. Specifically  arcade games and arcade hardware.  Why? I’ve always been fascinated with the power and the brute force insanity of arcade machines and always disappointed with the console ports that you could buy.  At least, this was true of the arcade hardware until the mid 2000’s.  Now you can get better versions on home consoles that play online.  It’s just not quite the same though.  So, i’m aiming to capture some of my youth back at home and restore what I can along the way.  I don’t know a huge amount about electronics but this seems like a good time to learn by doing.  So, join me as I collect, play, investigate, rip open, restore and probably break stuff on my journey in to the past.

I like seeing what makes things tick so you should see a lot of me taking stuff apart. Again, why? Simply because I want to know and, if I want to know, others might as well. I can’t find anything on the net showing this sort of thing so I am going to attempt it. It might even mean my ability to take photos of “stuff” gets better. We shall see.

Let the journey begin…


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