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Arcade Buttons – Keeping Them Working (Dissassembely and Cleaning)

Sticky Bottons? Make them like new by following these steps Continue reading

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Retro Pickup: SNES + Zelda (Non Working)

Something I’ve had langushing at the bottom of a box for a while is this old SNES.  It was given to be (free) byt a friend a while back with a copy of Zelda – A Link To The Past … Continue reading

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Changing The Backup Battery On Neo Geo MVS (1 Slot)

I recently picked up this Neo Geo MV1FZ single slot board off eBay for a reasonable price (So many seem to be up there for £65+ and anything on an auction has a problem). simply because I have one working … Continue reading

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The Original Control Panel Rescue (Part 1)

So, when I got the Blast City, the control panel it came with was “OK”.  Quite dirty but overall fine from the outside.  However, when it came to fully populating the CP with 6 buttons (instead of 4) and switching … Continue reading

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