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Monitor Update 2 – Fixed!

Thanks to some lovley people on the internet I have works around the issue with my Ms2930 and it’s now back to full working order again!  The problem?  The third dip switch on the remote board is faulty.  Why did … Continue reading

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Monitor Update 1 – It MIGHT Not Be All That Bad…

There are some great people over on the Arcade Otaku forums. Had a chat with a knowledgeable chap who gave me some pointers as to the three most common issues I can check myself that could cause the monitor to … Continue reading

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As They Say “The Hobby Where Everything Breaks”…

Dang…. My monitor is playing up (Toshiba Tube on Nano 2930 Chassis).  It’s started to go dim all of a sudden and is getting worse by the minute.  I really hope this is a chassis related issue and is fixable … Continue reading

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