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Sega NAOMI PSU Fix (Capacitors, Capacitors, Capacitors).

Tearing down and fixing a Sega NAOMI PSU adn replacing capacitors to regain stability. Continue reading

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Looking Inside A Razion LE (NG:Dev.Team) MVS CART

I recently had a bit of luck by managing to find a copy of Razion for the Neo Geo MVS at a sensible price.  The original manufacturers were doing a reprint of the game (hardly ever happens) so a copy … Continue reading

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Changing The Backup Battery On Neo Geo MVS (1 Slot)

I recently picked up this Neo Geo MV1FZ single slot board off eBay for a reasonable price (So many seem to be up there for £65+ and anything on an auction has a problem). simply because I have one working … Continue reading

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eBay and the Wave of “BIN” Only Listings

Well, summer has been amazing so far. The sun is out and there’s nothing better than a bit of BBQ weather. Consequently, the Blast City hasn’t really had a lot of work put in to it or play time. All … Continue reading

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Inside a Hyper Neo Geo 64 Cart

I got out the Hyper Neo Geo 64 the other day for a few rounds of sword fighting a-la Samurai Spirits 2 and thought. .. “I wonder what it looks like in that cart?” So, following in the footsteps of … Continue reading

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Yin and Yang

Well I manage to strike it lucky on eBay and get a “probably working” Sega Titan ST-V system with two games (Die Hard Arcade and Winter Heat) for a great price.  Awesome!  On the flip side  I now, for some … Continue reading

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Neo Geo Pocket

Neo Geo Pocket

This is the start of the collection. A Neo Geo Pocket (Black and White version). I was always intreagued by these little things,. Smaller in all dimentions than the updated colour counterpart the B&W system feels very well put together. It’s just a shame that the screen is pretty terrible to use inside. The colour unit works in modest artificial light, this… doesn’t…

Continue reading

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